George Alfred Cooper - 1st Battalion Cameronians

George Alfred Cooper - 1st Battalion Cameronians.
(born - East London 1920)
    George transferred to the Cameronians in January 1943 from the Royal
Artillery. He arrived in Calcutta India in the summer of 1943 and then was posted at Silchar barracks where his unit was trained for the LRP units.
    During this time, he earned the crossed-rifles and became a marksman. He was trained by members of the first `Chindit` expedition.
    In 1944 the Cameronians were sent into Burma as part of 111  Brigade under Lentaigne. During Operation Thursday, the Cameronians fought at`Blackpool` and it was here that George was first promoted  to Lance Corporal, then Corporal. Having been involved in the fighting and wandering around the jungle for what he said "seemed like forever" his health deteriorated, he was evacuated back to India with malaria, dysentery and jungle sores etc.  He felt really bad about leaving his mates behind, as most of his company were killed.
    After his recovery, he was promoted to Sergeant and trained new Cameronians fresh from Glasgow in 1945 until the war ended.  He remained in India with the Cams until the British withdrew in 1947, they were one of the last to leave.

    George sadly passed away from cancer in January 1997 and I miss his humour and wit and the stories of his exploits in India/Burma.
    I`ve included a little surprise for you, please find attached photo files for you to view. These pics were taken at a WW2 Living History event in Chiba, Japan.
    I`ve put together a Chindit living history/reenactment unit in order to educate the people here tat there was a war in Burma and that we shouldn`t forget. It`s my way of saying thanks.
    Incidentally, having read your book recently, it`s incredible how similar your fathers experiences were to George's. I remember him telling me the story of the sentry and the fruit bars when I was a kid. It seems those old stories traveled around the units like wild fire eh!
Chindit living history/reenactment unit, Japan
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