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Cpt. Bertrand William Stedeford

My Father survived the Chindit War but was later killed in the Malayan Emergency.
His name was Bertrand William Stedeford. and ended as Captain REME, though went into the army as a boy soldier.
He served in North Africa, as a Chindit in Burma, and was killed in
November 1950, attached to the 4th Queen's Own Hussars. Ipoh. Malaya. Aged 36.
He is buried at Batu Gaja. (It wasn't Malaysia in those days)

Though he was killed when I was 12, he was a great influence on my life.
I think I was brought up very a la Orde Wingate.  When she was little I
was always telling my daughter tales of what he was like and what he said and did.
After she finished University, she and a friend took themselves round
the world.  She promised to try to get to his grave and took a sprig of
Rosemary from the garden from me.
Things went wrong at Ipoh and it took them two days to get to Batu Gaja
after the bus broke down, etc., so on the journeys Kate spent the time
telling her friend all about him.  They were decidedly unfazed, when arriving at the Cemetery.
They discovered that quite unwittingly they had made it on the
exact anniversary of his death.  She admitted that both of them stood at the
foot of his grave and wept.
He would have loved that.  Hero he may have been.  Trappist Monk he was
Rosemary Rhodes
February 2001