Lalaghat, India
General Wingate briefs glider pilots just prior to take off
Colonel Cochran (No.1 Air Commando) to his left with arms folded

To go or not to go, that is the question
Col. Cochran (far left), Col. Alison (left holding photo), Brig. "Mad Mike" Calvert (touching cap) and Gen. Wingate (hands on hips) examine photograph (still wet from developer) just a few hours before Operation "Thursday" is due to start.  The print reveals the clearing at "Piccadilly" filled with teak logs, which would prevent glider landings

OLD, William D.
(Brigadier General-U.S Army Air Force)
Briefing Troop Carrier pilots concerning flights into "Broadway"

Airborne into battle
Second wave out of "Broadway"

Off into the night
Destination "Broadway"

Easy on the "Ladies"
Due to stress on aircraft and engines, General Old issued orders that only one glider be towed at a time after the first surge into Burma.
This photograph shows a lady of the 27th TCS and her tag-along circling for altitude having just taken off from Lalaghat, India